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January 2019 Clinical Brief 3: Introducing injectable therapy with GLP-1RAs Previous Issues
December 2018 Clinical Brief 2: Optimising glycaemic management when oral therapy fails
November 2018 Clinical Brief 1: Taking an Individual Approach to Glycaemic Management
Issue Date Subject

February 2019 Endocuff Vision: A New Way Forward in Colonoscopy Previous Issues
December 2018 PLENVU – a new bowel preparation with a view to improving the quality of co...
March 2018 Study Brief 1: The Significance of Non-Inferiority
Infectious Diseases
Issue Date Subject

October 2018 Efficacy of Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir in people with chronic Hepatitis C V... Previous Issues
March 2018 Epclusa – a pan-genotypic approach to the hepatitis C virus
Musculoskeletal Health
Issue Date Subject

March 2019 Clinical Brief 1: The osteoporosis epidemic and the role of pharmacotherapy Previous Issues
November 2018 Actonel EC – delayed release formulation may improve compliance
Issue Date Subject

March 2019 Clinical Brief 4 – A Case Study in Managing Nutritional Requirements for Ol... Previous Issues
February 2019 Clinical Brief 2: Beta-casein and digestive function
January 2019 Clinical Brief 2 – Addressing Undernutrition in the Elderly
Issue Date Subject

February 2019 All you need to know about prescribing Spiriva Respimat for adults with ast... Previous Issues
December 2018 Clinical Brief 1: Is your patient’s asthma well controlled?
December 2018 Evaluation of fluticasone furoate/vilanterol in managing asthma in general ...
Issue Date Subject

September 2018 Oxytrol Patch - a new look at oxybutynin for overactive bladder Previous Issues
Women's Health
Issue Date Subject

May 2018 Clinical Brief 4: A case study in managing menopausal symptoms Previous Issues
April 2018 Clinical Brief 3: Exploring the role of CAM for the treatment of menopausal...